..Lets Scroll to historic days of Incense birth…

The history of incense is a chronicle of pleasure. In an ancient Indian Sanskrit script, there are many beautiful descriptions of festive occasions when incense was burned in the homes and streets, delighting the residents of the city at every step.

Chinese discovered Musk, which is almost as popular today as it once was throughout the ancient Chinese empires. Chinese custom to burn incense later followed in western European culture.

The Egyptians, Israelites, Carthaginians, and Arabs all developed the art and science of aromatics. For those inhabiting the fertile lands of the Nile, perfumes and incense were closely related to eternal life.

Today incense has been rediscovered as the natural air freshener. The custom of lighting incense is now more widespread than ever before.

Prized as a gift and for its ability to inspire a myriad of marvelous moods, the fragrance of incense brightens our days, gentles our nights, softens adversity, and touches the soul. Each flower, wood, spice and herb sings it's own fragrance blending into an aromatic symphony.

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